DuraBalloon® Light Pole Kit - 4 Pack
DuraBalloon® Light Pole Kit - 4 Pack
DuraBalloon® Light Pole Kit - 4 Balloon Pack - Dimensions
DuraBalloon® Light Pole Kit - 4 Pack

DuraBalloon® Light Pole Kit - 4 Pack


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Visibility for Miles!
Light Poles are a perfect place to add attention to your property! The angled light pole brackets are made from specially engineered extreme-strength plastic to give the balloons eye-catching action in even the slightest of breezes! No drilling is required! A perfect out-of-reach visibility solution if theft is prevalent in your area.

(4)  18" DuraBalloons® in any color
(4)  Upper Holding Cups
(4)  30” Flexible Fiberglass Push-Button Stems
(4)  Push-Button Light Pole Brackets
(2)  10" Band Clamps

Mounted high off the ground
Harder to vandalize
Constantly moves in the wind

Inflation Video

Inflation Instructions

Hardware & Bracket Mounting Instructions

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Built to last

DuraBalloons® are the world's strongest balloon. No matter what the climate has to throw at it, the DuraBalloon® will stay inflated.



Friendly young lady helped me. They have a good variety of non Helium balloons a little expensive but the ones I bought have worked great and have been well worth the price

happy customer
Caroline Gonzalez

I expressed a concern with one of the items I received and was contacted the following day by the owner who resolved the issue to my satisfaction. I love the product and it is perfect for our new location opening. Thank you.

balloon display customer
Mary Clare V.

Awesome Product!!! Our display made our project noticeable to the entire community passing by!!! Great Service-Great Customer Service!

balloon service customer
Sunshine Jones