About Us

- Our Mission -

We create the longest-lasting visibility products that draw attention and always look amazing, so our customers can focus their energy back on their business or event. 

When your business looks better, your customers can feel it. 

At Balloon Innovations, we know first impressions are important. Shriveled up traditional helium balloons not only look bad, but need to be constantly replaced. These disappointing displays are wasting valuable time, money, and deter customers while tarnishing your brand and atmosphere. That’s why we created the world’s longest lasting helium-free balloons that are reusable and always stay shiny. We feel everyone deserves a trustworthy balloon display so they can relax and feel confident showing off their business or event successfully. 

Our growth comes from meeting our customers' needs and providing personalized customer service:

Balloon Innovations Inc, headquartered in Westminster, Colorado, was established in 2004. The company started as a monthly showroom service for local car dealership balloons by installing air-filled balloons instead of helium-filled balloons. Steady growth was immediate due to a winning 5 part formula: 

A) Listen carefully to customers' needs.
B) Create value through the highest quality products that solve our customers' problems.
C) Offer "Anything is possible" flexibility for current and future customers.
D) Maintain only the very highest level of service and support with a strong emphasis on communication.
E) Product innovation based on the above steps.

From the success of indoor showroom displays, to attractive, weatherproof materials for long-lasting outdoor displays:

Car dealerships loved the new showroom atmosphere and excitement which tied in all of the seasons, holidays, and special events throughout the year. It was at the persistent request of car dealers themselves to bring the indoor showroom concept outside in order to bring new customer prospects inside. It wasn't long before the very first suction cup was born! This held a fiberglass rod and an air-filled 17" latex balloon to the side windows of front-line automobile inventory. The challenges of varying outdoor climatic conditions coupled with constantly moving car inventory certainly taught the company a few lessons:

1. Latex balloons have a hard time surviving outside.

2. Balloons go missing when attached to moving vehicles.

3. Helium prices are consistently rising.

4. Wind and sun destroy latex balloons, resulting in a short overall lifespan.

5. Oxidation makes them chalky and tired in appearance.

It made sense that it was time to move to plastic as the future of balloon advertising and decor! As business grew, so did innovation. The Adjustable Car Window Kit has been a favorite amongst dealerships looking for a quick pop to their frontline visibility. But that was just the tip of the reusable balloon iceberg.

Innovative new product development:

Latex balloons were converted to a plastic material and the fiberglass stems that gave the balloons their attention-getting action in the wind were moved off of vehicle inventory to a patented (35 USC 287) pole-mounted system. This concept kept balloons in good order and plastic kept them looking fresh and vibrant every day. The new, reusable plastic balloons made a lot of sense for car dealerships:

1. No daily maintenance.

2. Less expensive than helium in the long run.

3. Improved appearance (larger and always shiny and brilliant).

4. Hold up in any weather condition (snow, wind, rain, extreme temps, etc.).

The company expanded the offering as a service to most of the major metro areas in 14 western states.

Excellent materials and continuing product innovations foster rapidly expanding markets:

The visibility of Balloon Innovations Inc. products at over 650 car dealerships in the West caught the attention of many other markets and industries along the way. Today, helium-free reusable plastic balloons pioneered by Balloon Innovations Inc. are the most cost-effective, long-term advertising solution for not only car dealerships, but apartment complexes & multifamily housing, home builders, realtors, car washes, tire stores, tax services, schools, and hundreds of other boutiques and industries. It is the goal of Balloon Innovations Inc. to offer the very best and most innovative helium-free reusable plastic balloons for every possible application. Thanks to the start as a service company only, no other balloon company can test and improve the quality of its balloon products as well as Balloon Innovations Inc. in such varied climates and conditions such as the heat and sun of Tucson, the wind of the Great Plains, the humidity of Houston, the dryness of Las Vegas or the extreme day to day temperature fluctuations at home, just outside Denver, Colorado. 

Core Values:

Balloon Innovations Inc. is a family business taking pride in the fact that through dedicated work, innovation, and seemingly endless amounts of time, can help your business attain the attention or visibility you may be looking for. The doors are always open for your suggestions or comments and Balloon Innovations Inc. wants to sincerely thank you for your interest!

Welcome to Balloonin.com, there is nothing else in the world like it!