Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long do the balloons last?

A: The balloons will not pop unless punctured.  However, over time some balloon colors (like red) may fade a little depending on the product line and climatic conditions.  Typically, the lower the product line the faster certain colors may fade and the sun UV intensity is the other factor involved.  We put the lifespan at 6 months because about that time the balloons tend to accumulate dirt and other outdoor grime on their surface, deteriorating the original sheen/brilliance of the balloon and we feel should be replaced.  They will stay shiny as long as the surface is relatively clean.

Q: What do you fill the balloons with?

A: Because the balloons are supported by a fiberglass rod, no helium is required.  You may use one of our air pumps or simply inflate by mouth for BalloonBobber® products. DuraBalloon® and PermaShine® is thicker and demands more pressure delivered by a hand/foot pump or compressor (with needle for PermaShine®).  Do not use helium as it is a very active gas and will escape thru the material over time causing a saggy look.

Q: How big are the balloons?

A: BalloonBobber® are 17” tall and 16” wide.  DuraBalloons® are 18” in diameter.  These measurements may vary depending on the temperature of the balloon during inflation and how much you inflate them.

Q: How tall are the balloon kits?

A: It varies depending on the kit, but the balloon measurements are above and the Universal Stems, which are compatible with all outdoor lines (BalloonBobber® and DuraBalloon®) are 41”.  Short poles are 2’ and long poles are 4’, so you can add it all up to find the height to the top of the balloon kit.

Q: What special tools do I need to install a Pole Kit?

A: None.  If you are installing the pole kit using our stakes you will need a common hammer or mallet to tap the stake into the ground.

Q: How do I install the different balloon kits?

A: Please see our installation instructions and videos linked to the Red Balloon marked ASSEMBLY on the banner of the Home Page.

Q: What product line do I need…BalloonBobber®, DuraBalloon® or PermaShine®?

A: There are a lot of factors in this, but this is what we see as the bottom-line: If you are in a location where temperatures are rarely below freezing and/or on a budget, BalloonBobber® may be sufficient. If you want to be covered on every level, the World's Strongest balloon known as the DuraBalloon® has you covered.

Q: Do I really need a compressor or pump to inflate the balloons?

A: That depends on the quantity and product line…  If you are planning on inflating one or two, you can do it pretty easily by mouth, except for the DuraBalloon® line.  If you need to inflate more than that, we would recommend our standard inflator - hand/foot pump or compressor options.  And more than 15, we would recommend investing in our premium inflators.  If purchasing the DuraBalloon® product, we suggest the small compressor or hand/foot pump for 20 balloons or less.  For 20 or more, investing in a bigger, pancake-style electric compressor (Lowe’s or Home Depot, etc.) is recommended.

Q: What if I don't have any landscaping and I want to install a Pole Kit?

A: We offer a 45lb sand/water base that is specifically designed to hold the Pole Kits.  You can place the water weight anywhere you would like.  Poles can also be zip-tied to fence posts or railings.  Please note that DuraBalloon® Cluster Pole Kits are a little too heavy when it is windy for the weighted base to support…  they may tip over.

Q: Can the balloons be reused?

A: Yes.  They have a reusable valve or plug like a play ball.  They can repeatedly be inflated and deflated without any problems.  Placing a small straw like a coffee stirrer in the inflation port is an easy and suggested way to deflate them.

Q: Are your products made in the U.S.A?

A: Yes and no.  About 90% of our products are made here in Colorado, but there are a few small items made overseas.  We make our products in the USA whenever we can because the quality is incomparable, and we like to keep jobs at home!

Q: What is your return policy?

A: Please see the link at the bottom of the home page.  But, in a nutshell, making sure you are completely satisfied is our #1 priority!

Q: Do BalloonBobber® permanent reusable balloons really save money over traditional helium balloons?

A: Absolutely!  A 17" helium balloon now costs most areas over $1 to inflate after all costs and taxes are tallied up.  Therefore, most of our products would be paid off in just 2-3 weeks!

Q: Why should I buy from Balloon Innovations Inc. vs. other companies that sell these products?

A: There are a lot of reasons, but we think the biggest is that we have a company operated, Full Service offering to states West of the Mississippi River (mostly car dealers)…  About 650 different clients averaging 50 balloons at each location…  That’s a lot of balloons!  We visit and replace balloons at each of these locations weekly, so we see firsthand what is working and what needs to be improved.  If it isn’t made the very best, we lose money via product losses and labor costs.  No other manufacturer tests as many products in as many different extreme environments as we do to help make necessary improvements.  Additionally, Balloon Innovations Inc. pioneered the reusable/permanent balloon concept and no one else has as many ways to use the balloons as we offer.  Balloon Innovations Inc. is a family business and balloons are all we do, and all we focus on.  We will stand behind our craftsmanship for as long as you are using them!