Reusable Cluster Balloon Kits

    Helium-Free Permanent Balloon Kits - Long-lasting and durable products that get attention.

    14 products

    14 products

    Tired of traditional helium balloon bouquets that are easily tangled, deflated, and popped?

    Looking for something that looks great for your open house or long-term sale, but can also hold up to everyday wear and tear? Stop passers-by in their tracks with one of Balloon Innovations’ customizable, reusable cluster balloon kits! Your days of rushing to the store multiple times to replace latex balloons will be over with the use of reusable balloons.

    What makes helium-free, reusable balloons special is just that—they’re reusable!

    An environmentally-friendly option, reusable balloons are made out of vinyl material and are more durable and create less waste than traditional latex balloons, which have to be filled with helium in order to float. Our balloons are filled with regular air and can be easily deflated and re-inflated with a hand or foot pump. They get their “float” from attached poles (a.k.a stems) that are sturdy and flexible.

    With options for three or five balloons, our kits come with everything you need to assemble colorful arrangements that stand the test of time (inflation device not included). Balloon Innovation cluster balloons come in an assortment of vibrant colors and several eye-catching designs, meaning there is a kit for every occasion and theme. Choose from weighted bases, ground mounts or brackets to secure a balloon cluster to any surface.

    What’s unique about a cluster balloon kit?

    The staggered look gives the same jaunty appearance of helium balloons, but with a lifespan that extends far beyond that of a typical latex or mylar balloon. And because helium-free balloons are much sturdier, you don’t have to worry about them becoming tangled or flying away, ruining the effect.

    Looking to draw new residents to your housing complex? A housing industry favorite, vinyl balloon clusters are a durable option for promoting long-term rental specials or alerting potential residents of vacancies. Having a big sale? A cluster balloon kit can eliminate any worries of traffic not noticing your discounted merchandise. No matter what you’re celebrating or promoting, there is a cluster balloon kit that can satisfy your needs, and look good doing it!

    What is the most popular balloon cluster?

    The cluster of 5 balloons is our most popular balloon kit. The way the balloons nest in together to create a larger presence and color arrangement is just right for achieving a captivating look that will always impress.