Permanent Outdoor Balloons

    At Balloon Innovations, we offer so much more than just balloons.

    Our outdoor balloon kits are made with durable plastic balloons that retain their shine and color despite weather conditions.

    Reusable and sturdy, our helium-free balloons are engineered to stand the test of time and deliver great results. Whether you’re looking to advertise leasing space at an apartment complex, draw attention to your car dealership or direct customers to your sale, outdoor reusable balloons from Balloon Innovations are high-quality and perfect for every occasion. 

    A unique feature of reusable balloons is that they can be set up outdoors and will be resistant to wind, rain, and sun. Unlike traditional latex or mylar balloons, they don’t lose air after only a few days and aren’t attached to strings or ribbons that are easily tangled in the wind. Cluster pole kits, which include a cluster of staggered balloons that resemble a traditional latex balloon cluster, are a great fixture to install near the entrance of a neighborhood or housing development. With customizable color options and several ways to mount these outdoor balloons, you’ll have flexibility and great design without having to worry about installing new helium balloons every few days.

    Like with any reusable plastic balloon, mounting options are endless! Balloon Innovations offers a multitude: from brackets, poles, and suction cups to light pole mounts, sign kits, and car window mounts. A variety of colors and customization options round out the offerings for a decorative advertising tool you can use for years to come.

    Try an outdoor balloon kit from Balloon Innovations today, and you’ll be wondering why you didn’t make the switch from latex sooner!