Permanent Indoor Balloons

From tabletop bouquets to balloon clusters, buds, and towers, Balloon Innovations offers the best in plastic balloons for the indoors. Perfect for car dealership showrooms, apartment complexes, and retail businesses, our indoor balloon kits are reusable and customizable to solve all of your advertising quandaries.

 Because plastic balloons do not deflate as quickly as helium-filled balloons, they make an ideal solution for semi-permanent and permanent balloon fixtures. Endlessly reusable, simply inflate and install and your job is done! Available in dozens of colors and configurations, the indoor balloons supplied by Balloon Innovations are second to none for quality and longevity. Shop our options for indoor balloons today and get to decorating!

If you’re a car dealership looking for a permanent display for your showroom floor, a tower kit is a perfect way to bring some color and dimension to your space. With options for 9-foot and 7-foot tower kits, you can customize the colors for an indoor balloon display that speaks to you and your clientele.

Looking for a way to spice up an event hall? Cluster kits, ceiling column kits, and bud kits are great ceiling-mounted options to help add much-needed dimension and cheer to large spaces. With clusters of 12 balloons, you can choose a monochromatic three-color combination or go wild with up to 12 different colors for an eye-catching explosion of color.

Options for indoor balloons also include tabletop bouquets for easy centerpieces. Because they can be used on virtually any flat surface, balloon bouquet kits are optimal for wedding receptions and cocktail parties and can be used again and again. Attached to a clear acrylic stand, you don’t have to worry about attention being taken from your festive balloon display.