Indoor Reusable Balloon Bouquet Kit

Balloon Innovations offers a range of eye-catching and colorful balloon bouquet kits that can instantly make any space feel more festive and fun. The kits come in a variety of colors and mounting options, and are hassle-free, reusable, and made of plastic material that doesn’t require helium. The Tabletop balloon kits are customizable and perfect for adding pizzazz to new merchandise displays, because they're not latex or mylar, they look fresh and shiny throughout the event or season.

Balloons are the quintessential feel-good decor.

They’re eye-catching, colorful, and can instantly make a room feel more festive and fun. Balloon bouquet kits are the perfect way to add pizzazz to a function, draw attention to displays of discounted or new items, or anchor tables in a reception area.

Have a space that’s a little more difficult to decorate than a tabletop or shelf? Mounting options also include magnetic brackets and vertical brackets for easy adherence to tricky surfaces.

At Balloon Innovations, we offer a multitude of options for your interior advertising needs. Our balloons are manufactured to stay shiny 24/7 and don’t require helium to stay afloat. Made of plastic material, our latex-free, helium-free balloons are also hassle-free: you don’t have to wait for the air to seep out of that one rogue balloon that snuck up into the rafters ever again.

Our reusable balloon bouquet kits come in a variety of colors to fit in with any color theme. Various stem lengths and mounting options are also available, adding to the options and choices for customers. Just purchase an air compressor or hand pump and a balloon kit, and take your event or display to the next level instantly. All of our balloon kits are easy to assemble and install, taking only a few minutes to put together.

Tabletop balloon kits are perfect for placing with new merchandise, and we offer customizing options so you can choose a specific color scheme to go with your display. Because reusable balloons are latex-free and anti-sag, you don’t have to worry about your balloon display looking tired mid-week (or even mid-season!) because these balloons are made to last.