PermaShine® 1-Balloon Bouquet Vertical Bracket 1-Balloon Kit
PermaShine Vertical Bracket1-Balloon Bouquet Hardware
PermaShine® 1-Balloon Vertical Bracket Kit
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PermaShine® 1-Balloon Vertical Bracket Kit


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For any flat, vertical surface, this kit is perfect for your interior or exterior advertising needs. This non-latex, anti-sag balloon is engineered to stay shiny 24/7. This bracket can be attached with the extremely strong, 3M adhesive, and/or using the screws included with the kit.

(1)  13" PermaShine® Balloon in any color
(1)  Holding Cup
(1)  33" Long stem
(1)  PermaShine® Vertical Bracket
(2)  Mounting Screws
(1)  Metallic ribbon
(1)  Inflation needle
(1)  Easy-to-follow Instructions (Printed)

Screws into place.
3M VHB Adhesive is also on the back of the bracket as another attachment option or for added securement.
Perfect for wooden fence posts or signage.

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Friendly young lady helped me. They have a good variety of non Helium balloons a little expensive but the ones I bought have worked great and have been well worth the price

happy customer
Caroline Gonzalez

I expressed a concern with one of the items I received and was contacted the following day by the owner who resolved the issue to my satisfaction. I love the product and it is perfect for our new location opening. Thank you.

balloon display customer
Mary Clare V.

Awesome Product!!! Our display made our project noticeable to the entire community passing by!!! Great Service-Great Customer Service!

balloon service customer
Sunshine Jones