DuraBalloon® 5-Balloon Cluster Pole Kit - with Pole Cover
DuraBalloon® 5-Balloon Cluster Pole Kit - with Pole Cover
DuraBalloon® 5-Balloon Cluster Pole Kit with Pole Cover
DuraBalloon® 5-Balloon Cluster Pole Kit - with Pole Cover
DuraBalloon® 5-Balloon Cluster Pole Cover
DuraBalloon® 5-Balloon Cluster Pole Kit Dimensions

DuraBalloon® 5-Balloon Cluster Pole Kit - with Pole Cover


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NOTE: Due to high demand, this item is backordered and is expected to ship 3/31.

Get noticed.

Imagine a cluster of balloons that's bold and bright enough to get your brand noticed far away. With the DuraBalloon® 5-Balloon Cluster Pole Kit and Printed Pole Cover, you can do just that. It's ideal for small businesses, apartments, and anyone looking to make a big impact with their brand or event information in an outdoor space.

This kit is simple to assemble and easy to use—you can get up and running in no time flat! It comes with everything you need to make your cluster balloon kit, including the balloons themselves, which are made from strong outdoor material that will last longer than any other option out there. Plus, it's customizable—you can choose from all our different balloon colors and print whatever text or images you want on the pole cover.

With this kit, you'll be able to get more attention for your business or event than ever before!

Check out the mounting options that will work for your area. (Kit stands approximately 7'7")

Pole Cover dimensions: 6.5" (per side when folded) x 45"

NOTE: For custom printed orders, please allow 3-5 business days for processing time and all sales are final / non-returnable.

Just need the Pole Cover? Head over to the Replacement Pole Covers collection page.



(5)  18" DuraBalloons® in any color
(5)  Upper Holding Cups
(5)  30" Flexible Fiberglass Push-Button Stems with Security Screws
(1) 4-Sided Printed Coroplast Pole Cover
(1)  Thick, 48" Aluminum Cluster Pole with Push-Button Cluster Brackets
(1)  Mounting Option of Your Choice: Ground Mount, Weighted Bases, Brackets w/ Screws, or Brackets w/ Bands

• The staggered look is guaranteed to grab attention.
• Mount anywhere with Ground Stake or Weighted Base.
• Easily assembled and disassembled in minutes.
• Kit stands approximately 7'7"

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DuraBalloons® are the world's strongest balloon. No matter what the climate has to throw at it, the DuraBalloon® will stay inflated.



Friendly young lady helped me. They have a good variety of non Helium balloons a little expensive but the ones I bought have worked great and have been well worth the price

happy customer
Caroline Gonzalez

I expressed a concern with one of the items I received and was contacted the following day by the owner who resolved the issue to my satisfaction. I love the product and it is perfect for our new location opening. Thank you.

balloon display customer
Mary Clare V.

Awesome Product!!! Our display made our project noticeable to the entire community passing by!!! Great Service-Great Customer Service!

balloon service customer
Sunshine Jones