Ultimate Guide to Types of Balloons

Balloons have many uses for both residential and commercial properties. While typically seen at events like parties and weddings, these fun and decorative items can also be used by businesses. Balloons are a bright, vibrant object that will catch the eye of anyone passing by your location. When you have balloons strategically placed on-site, you are sure to draw in more potential customers.

How do you know the best type of balloon is best for your business? At Balloon Innovations, we’ve developed this ultimate guide, where we explore the different types of balloons, their pros and cons, and offer up the best solution for your needs. Learn more about all balloon types in the industry today by reading more!

Latex, Mylar and Vinyl: What’s the Difference?

The balloon itself has seen many changes through the years, with industry advances allowing for different materials for this fun decoration. The three main types of balloon materials are latex, mylar, and vinyl. Each material has its own set of pros and cons, and each is better suited for certain types of events. Let’s dive in and learn more about the different types of balloons.


Latex balloons have been around for some time. In the beginning, these balloons were made out of dried animal bladders. Michael Faraday’s breakthrough in rubber balloon technology in 1824 paved the way for the latex balloons we see today. Latex balloons are derived from liquid rubber, which originates from the sap of rubber trees that predominantly grow in southeast Asia. This liquid rubber is what’s used to create the classic latex balloon. While latex balloons are usually seen in clusters at birthday parties, they aren’t meant to be kept for long. The material of a latex balloon is porous, and air will gradually leak out from the rubber. If you’ve ever wondered why your helium balloon is drooping after only a day, it’s probably because the balloon is made from latex!

There are several cons to using latex balloons for decoration. These balloons oxidize quickly, making them look chalky or dull in appearance. This can be exacerbated by airflow and sun exposure. Also, compared to other options of balloons, they are made of extremely thin material that is easily popped. Another big limitation is that there are lots of people who have allergies to latex, so they aren’t ideal for use in medical or hospital environments.


If you’re familiar with the metallic balloons that have a foil-like texture and spell out words and numbers, then you’ve already seen a mylar balloon. Unlike latex balloons, these particular types of decor are made from a few materials, instead of just one. Mylar, a type of nylon, creates the base material for the balloon. Then, aluminum foil is added as a thin layer over the mylar. Because of the materials used in these balloons, they can come in many different shapes such as numbers and letters.

There are several drawbacks to mylar balloons. Because mylar balloons are created using different materials, recycling these items can be tricky, and throwing them away can be very detrimental to the environment. While these balloons tend to have an increased float life over latex balloons, helium will still escape the material and leave them saggy after time has passed. Something else that is important to note is that mylar balloons are not made to expand and contract, and can look deflated or even burst due to fluctuations in temperature.

Vinyl Balloons

Outdoor Reusable balloons are similar to latex balloons, but are made of a UV-resistant vinyl material that allows them to last for months and sometimes years. These balloons are attached to a sturdy fiberglass stem and are inflated with air, requiring no helium. These balloons are great because they can be placed outside and withstand rain, sun, and wind while retaining their shine and shape. These balloons give a great return on investment because they do not have to be replaced as often as balloons that use helium, saving money and time in the long run.

Why Reusable Balloons are the Best Choice

All of the different types of balloons have their uses and times when they are the better choice. However, reusable balloons should be the preferred option for any party planner, event coordinator, or business owner. With environmental concerns gaining traction, many companies are looking for greener solutions to their processes, and the balloon industry is no different. With reusable balloons, you can inflate, deflate, and store these items without the issue of them taking up too much space.

Reusable balloons are available in a wide variety of sizes, colors, and finishes, so you can find exactly what you need with the benefit of having a balloon you can use again and again. In an age where our world is showing more signs of deterioration as a result of poor environmental practices, reusable balloons are allowing the fun to continue with less risk to future generations.

Types of Reusable Balloons

The best place to find a wide variety of reusable balloons is at Balloon Innovations. We carry the highest quality materials and host a large selection of reusable balloons for all of your needs. Learn more about the reusable balloons we carry below.


The DuraBalloon® is a mid-sized reusable balloon, with a 18” x 18” round shape. With up to 35 color and design options to choose from, you can find the perfect balloon to suit any occasion. Coined the “World’s Strongest Balloon,” the DuraBalloon® is perfect for outdoor use, as it won’t easily wear down under the elements. The process of making these balloons is patented and creates a completely round balloon with no internal seams. This product can stand up to extreme heat and cold, is fade-resistant, and fares excellently in windy conditions.

The best inflation method for the DuraBalloon® is via compressed air with a coned tip, however, a manual pump or strong blower like Balloon Innovations’ FastFlow Inflator can also be used.

With the right kit, you can attach this balloon to any pole, bracket, or cluster by screwing your attachment into the balloon’s fiberglass stem holder. Balloon Innovations recommends that you replace your DuraBalloon®s every six months if placed outside due to balloons becoming dirty over time. These are great for balloon clusters. By selecting from a variety of colors, choose the correct pole and bracket for your application.


Slightly smaller than the DuraBalloon® and oval-shaped, the BalloonBobber® on its own sits at 17” x 16”. This product is paneled with seams, similar to a beach ball, and fares better in the heat rather than the cold. 

The BalloonBobber® is fade resistant, and holds up reasonably well in windy conditions. You can inflate your BalloonBobber® by using a pump with a cone tip. With up to 25 color and design options and priced at $6.99 a piece, this product is the best budget-friendly option for any residential or commercial location.

MegaBalloon 30”

For businesses looking to catch the eye of consumers, the MegaBalloon 30” is sure to draw in a crowd. With 18 vibrant color options and an impressive 30” x 30” size, this balloon is perfect for parking lots, sidewalks, outdoor sales events, and more. This balloon is completely round with no seams, and fares well in both hot and cold conditions. The thickest of all of the reusable balloons, the MegaBalloon 30” is fade resistant, and will stand up moderately well in windy conditions. These balloons make great front line advertising along pathways where attention is needed, and are good for realtors when installed in landscaping, or banded or mounted with brackets to bollards, fences, or sign posts for long-lasting attention.  At $18.99 a piece, this product is better suited for larger businesses with the budget and real estate for these sizable decorations.  

Included Benefits for Your Reusable Balloon

At Balloon Innovations, we’ve gone the extra step to ensure that our balloons are ready for whatever situation you put them in. When you shop with us, you never have to worry about your balloon popping, deflating, or wearing down after just a few days. Our balloon stock includes decor that is integrated with proprietary materials and finishes that allow them to withstand the elements, rain or shine.

Outdoor PermaShine®

This weatherproof integration of outdoor balloons are perfect for businesses and homeowners that enjoy hosting outdoor events. Made to mimic the traditional latex balloon in a 9” by 13” size, outdoor PermaShine® offers a durability that you can’t find in just any store-bought balloon. With this integrated benefit, your balloon can stand the test of time and hold up to the elements. Its vibrant color won’t fade, and its structure will remain intact. Most outdoor PermaShine® balloons are purchased in bouquets or bunches for the classic “clustered” appearance.

Indoor PermaShine®

While not as intense as outdoor PermaShine®, indoor PermaShine® will ensure that your balloon keeps its saturated luster during its use indoors. This unique integration fights dust and offers an extra layer of protection that will prevent your balloon from easily popping or breaking. With indoor PermaShine®, your balloon will look new and vibrant for many months. PermaShine® bouquets are the most popular option, bringing lively decor to any interior and an added pop to display areas.


For those businesses that really want to make a statement, going big really is the best course of action. When a MegaBalloon just isn’t enough, Balloon Innovations offers a better option with our JUMBO™ Balloons. Printed with the word “SALE” on the sides, available in eye-catching, patriotic colors, and standing at an almost excessive 5’ in diameter, these balloons will be sure to alert customers in the area of any new sales you have going on. These balloons are designed to be installed around light poles, coming with hardware that makes it easy to hoist them into position and inflate them with a tube that runs to the ground.

Uses for Reusable Balloons

Why are people buying reusable balloons? These items offer environmentally and budget-friendly decor for almost any industry. With a reusable balloon, you can add some flair to your commercial area, draw the eye of potential customers, and easily alert people of sales and events.

Outdoor Balloons

Balloon Innovations carries all of the tools you need for a proper outdoor balloon setup. These items are great for car lot, parks, and unobtrusive decor for the exterior of your building. With an outdoor balloon, your business can catch the eye of any passerby with its vibrant, decorative qualities that catch the light. An outdoor balloon will give your business the appearance of a fun and friendly establishment.

You can’t put a balloon outside without something to tether it to, and Balloon Innovations has exactly what you need for proper setup. Browse our outdoor balloon kits below:

- Cluster Pole Kits
- Ground Pole Kits
- Light Pole Kits
- Suction Cup Kits

Indoor Balloons

Indoor balloons are perfect for large areas like conventions and networking events. They are also great in showrooms, to bring awareness to events, as seasonal decor, and for other celebrations. When you are set up in a stall like hundreds of others, you want to stand out and gain the attention of your target customer or audience. With the peppy, colorful balloons from Balloon Innovations, you can do just that.

When reusable balloons are used inside, they will last for many years. Over time these balloons may lose a little air, but just need to be topped off every once in a while to keep them at their intended size.

We have the parts you need to have eye catching balloon decor that is professionally set up. Shop our indoor balloon kits below:

- Single Balloon Kits
- Balloon Bouquet Kits
- Hanging Ceiling Balloons

Sign Balloons

Plenty of small businesses have signs outside their door that display daily specials or upcoming events. These signs can easily be overlooked without the proper flair, however. Adding a reusable balloon to your sign will put your business a step above your competitors. A reusable balloon will move with the breeze and catch the light of the sun, offering a subtle yet effective distraction for any passerby. Balloon Innovations also has in-house design and printing capabilities to assist in any printed campaign with balloons.

You can easily set up your sign balloons with the kits carried by Balloon Innovations. Browse all of our tools below:

- Yard Sign Kits
- Signicade® Kits

Put Your Business on the Map with Balloon Innovations

When you are looking for quality, reusable balloons that will stand up to the elements, Balloon Innovations has what you need. We carry the world’s largest selection of helium free balloons, all at competitive prices for you to enjoy. When you place an order with us, your items will be tracked from the moment they leave our warehouse to the second they reach your door. Our excellent customer service is available Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. MST.

Get started on exploring all of the benefits of reusable balloons with Balloon Innovations. Shop with us today, or call us with your questions!

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Also, ask about our service for car lot balloons!


Frequently Asked Questions about Reusable Balloons

What is a reusable balloon made of?
Reusable balloons like those by DuraBalloon® or BalloonBobber® are often made of vinyl or PVC, making them perfect for long-term use.

Are there environmentally friendly balloons?
Reusable balloons are the most environmentally friendly out of the decorative balloon options. Because they can be inflated and deflated multiple times and last for much longer than balloons filled with helium, reusable balloons are a much more environmentally friendly choice.

How do reusable balloons work?
Permanent balloons use regular air to be inflated, much like an inner tube or bike tire, and then are screwed into a fiberglass stem holder or different configurations of inflation port hardware. The balloons can then be arranged with different applications to create clusters, bouquets, towers and more.

How do you inflate a reusable balloon?
Reusable balloons from Balloon Innovations can be inflated using a FastFlow Inflator/Deflator, a hand/foot pump, or using an inflator tip with a bike pump or air compressor.

What kind of balloon is best?
Of the three main kinds of decorative balloons (latex, mylar and plastic/reusable), plastic balloons are by far the best. Long-lasting and fade resistant, these balloons can be used again and again!