Outdoor Balloons That Are Perfect for Businesses

outdoor balloons for business

Outdoor balloons are a great way to add some color and festivity to your business. By creating fun and inviting displays, balloons can be used to promote a new product or service, celebrate a grand opening, or simply show appreciation for your customers. In addition, they are a cost-effective and easy way to dress up your storefront or office. Whether you're looking to add a touch of fun or make a big statement, outdoor balloons are a great way to do it. But with so many options for balloons and displays, where do you start? This blog will give you some tips on the outdoor balloon decor that works best in a business setting.

Ditch Traditional Balloons for Something Better

There are certainly some upsides to using traditional helium balloons for decorating your lot. They are relatively inexpensive and easy to find. However, you'll find that there are more downs to up when using helium balloons. One of the biggest problems with helium balloons is that they tend to leak air over time, meaning that they will eventually deflate entirely. And if they don't deflate on their own, they can easily take damage from the outdoor elements. Finally, after a few weeks of exposure to the sun, your balloons are likely to lose the majority of their once vibrant color. But don’t worry, there’s a solution on the market.

The Best Balloons for Outdoor Use

To counter the many drawbacks of helium balloons, a form of permanent balloon was created that can withstand the outdoors. Though more expensive than the traditional, you'll find that permanent balloons are truly built to last. These balloons are made of thicker material and are designed to stay inflated for much longer than a few days or weeks. Plus, they can be inflated with regular air. If you're interested in hearing more about what makes our helium-free balloons different, then read more about these brands:


The DuraBalloon® is a perfectly round 18x18-inch balloon that is great for outdoor use. While lasting an astonishing 5 years in indoor conditions, it is still guaranteed to last a minimum of 6 months in the outdoors. If your business is located somewhere with extreme seasons, then the DuraBalloon® is the best choice for you. Its seamlessly molded design is sure to last at temperatures between -20 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.



As the name suggests, PermaShine® balloons are made to stay shiny throughout their life and without the look of latex. The 13” balloons are round and end with a point at their base. They also come in 12" for kits that hang from the ceiling, and the Mega 30” version which is perfectly round. PermaShine® balloons stay vibrant and shiny in all weather and seasons.


Rather than being a perfect sphere, the BalloonBobber® is closer to the traditional shape of the balloon at 16 by 17 inches. Overall, it’s not quite as temperature resistant or as strong as the DuraBalloon®. However, it still works great in mild climates between 35 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit. In the outdoors, this balloon will last for a minimum of 3 months by just adding air from time to time to keep it looking its best . Like the other permanent balloons, it can be deflated and reflated countless times.

Easy Outdoor Balloon Decoration Ideas

cluster balloons and sign

Permanent balloons are the clear choice for businesses that need decorations that will last outside for long periods of time. But then there's the matter of how your balloons will be arranged in a way that's appealing to customers and accomplishes your goals. Just like regular balloons, they can be arranged in a variety of ways. Here are some of our favorite and most simple outdoor balloon decor ideas:

Cluster Balloons

Have you ever seen cluster balloons? They are made up of a pole and stems with multiple balloons sprouting from the top. Cluster balloons are very popular at apartment complexes, storefronts, birthday parties, festivals, and other celebration events. There are many kits available for putting together your own cluster pole using durable balloons. Some are showstoppers that tower high with 14 balloons and others are more simplistic with only a few. After choosing the formation that you like, you can choose from all the colors of balloons that you would like to include in it. Cluster poles are a classic balloon arrangement with a little more wow than singular balloons.

Ground Pole Outdoor Balloons

Ground poles are one of the most versatile and easy-to-use outdoor decorations. Whether you insert them directly into the ground or use a base to hold them up, they can be customized to fit any event or setting. Oftentimes, these kits are more simplistic with only a single balloon. However, one of the greatest ways to decorate with them is to purchase multiple and line them up along the edge of a property. This creates a unified look that is sure to impress anyone strolling by. With so many potential uses, ground poles are a great option for those that aren't quite sure what they want.

Outdoor Balloons and Signs

There's no doubt that balloons are eye-catching, and that's why they're such a popular choice for advertisements and parties. But did you know that they can also be used to draw attention to your signs? Whether it's a pole cover, yard sign, or Signicade®, balloons with signs are a great way to make your message more visible. Plus, they're easy to set up, take down, and can be placed anywhere you choose.

Outdoor Light Pole Balloons

If you’re looking to add pops of color wherever you can, balloon kits are available that allow you to place balloons high up on light poles. Not only does this make the environment more festive, but it also helps to improve unappealing light poles by adding some color. The best part is that the balloons can be reused year after year, making this a cost-effective and sustainable solution.

light pole kit

The Go-To Shop for Outdoor Balloon Decor

Whether you choose to arrange them in a bouquet or cluster them together, outdoor balloons are a great way to add some fun and excitement to your business or event. At Balloon Innovations, we have a wide selection of customizable balloon kits. These kits make it easier than ever to quickly put together a balloon display using your favorite ultra-durable and long-lasting balloons. Simply choose a kit design and select all the colors of balloons that you would like it to include. All the materials you need to create an outdoor balloon display will be shipped straight to your door!