Tips and Tricks for Decorating with Helium-Free Balloons

Although helium balloons are a popular party choice, they have many drawbacks. They are temporary and easy to lose, and don’t stand up well to inclement weather. They are also cost prohibitive in many instances, due to the increasing expense of helium that is used to make conventional latex and mylar balloons float.

If your organization uses helium balloons on a regular basis, then you might be looking for an alternative. Balloon Innovations is here to help!

Helium-free balloons are an innovative substitute for conventional balloons. These reusable balloons last longer than latex or mylar balloons and stand up to extreme weather. Balloon Innovations offers a wide selection of plastic balloons, and you can pump up these non-helium balloons yourself at home.

Helium-free balloons are an excellent option for companies seeking long-lasting decor. They catch the eye atop real estate signage, and are perfect for setting up an advertising display at your car dealership, or for a promotion at the apartment complex you manage.

Whatever your unique ballooning needs, Balloon Innovations is here for you! Keep reading to find out more about how non-helium balloons can take your display to the next level.

What Are Non-Helium Balloons?

Non-helium balloons contain air instead of helium, and are most often made of a vinyl material. They became more popular during the recent helium shortage, but are also a great choice because they are durable and come in many designs.

Helium-free balloons are hardy and can be placed outdoors and in the elements for long periods of time. They resist wind, rain, and sun, and can be easily mounted on car windows, yard signs, poles, and fences.

If you're looking for a great interior decoration, non-helium indoor balloons have you covered. Because they do not deflate, helium-free balloons create long-lasting displays. These reusable balloons will really keep your interiors shining.

But how do you keep non-helium balloons in the air? Balloon Innovations offers a selection of fiberglass rods that keep your balloons up. If you don't have any landscaping, a sand/water base is also available to keep your balloons right side up. Though they are on a relatively stiff pole, plastic balloons can be mounted in bouquet-style configurations that mimic helium balloon arrangements. They can also be suspended from ceilings using Balloon Innovations’ proprietary MagneClick ladderless ceiling magnet system.

Non-helium balloons are a great investment for a permanent or semi-permanent display, unlike their helium-filled counterparts. Reusable balloons save you time and money, and because they can be used again and again, are more environmentally friendly than conventional balloons.

Helium-Free Balloons vs Helium Balloons

Now you know a bit more about non-helium balloons, let's take a look at how they compare with helium balloons.

Helium-Free Balloons

Helium-free balloons offer many advantages. These balloons:

- Can last for up to 6 months or more outside, and years inside
- Do not change shape in extreme weather
- Stay fixed in place
- Make elaborate designs a breeze
- Save you money on helium
- Are shiny 24/7
- Can be stored for years
- Remain up and moving even in precipitation

Helium Balloons

Although helium balloons are common, they have limitations.

Helium balloons:

- Last for about 10 hours
- Change shape in extreme weather
- Are easy to lose Limit design possibilities
- Cost more with helium charges

These two balloon types work well for different situations. If you are throwing a simple backyard party, a few helium balloons might do the trick.

But if your organization needs longer-lasting professional balloon displays, helium-free balloons are the way to go.

Decorating With Non-Helium

Balloons Non-helium balloons give you a lot of flexibility: they won't fly away, which makes them easy to work with. If you can dream it, you can do it with helium-free balloons.

Adding Designs to Your Balloons

A great decorating option with reusable plastic balloons is adding printed or hand-drawn designs to your balloons. Balloon Innovations offers several custom printing options. Add your corporate logo or slogan to a balloon display for that extra touch.

During Halloween, you could try drawing jack-o-lantern faces on orange balloons. You could even set up an area for customers or clients to create their own hand-drawn balloon designs.

It can also be fun to draw cartoon faces on your balloon surfaces. When you put a personal spin on your decor, customers notice.

Hanging Non-Helium Balloons

Since helium-free balloons don't float on their own, they need a little help. If you're hosting a corporate event, hanging balloons from the ceiling is a great option. A hanging ceiling kit comes with everything you need to create an eye-grabbing cluster or column. Add embellishments like strands of curly ribbon for that traditional party balloon vibe.

You could even create balloon clouds on the ceiling! Non-helium balloons are easy to work with and because they are suspended above and out of the reach of guests, you don’t have to worry about bored kids or excited salesmen popping a few.

If you get stuck, just ask yourself: what would Michaelangelo do?

Outdoor Displays

Have you ever seen those dancing balloon tubes? These artificial dancers never fail to spread a smile. Our Balloon Innovations custom air dancers do not disappoint! If you're looking to attract new clients to your site, such outdoor displays are an excellent investment.

For all the realtors out there, adding a few helium-free balloons to your signage can make all the difference. During an open house, these outdoor balloon displays can help clients find the right address.

If you work in a car dealership, then you know how important it is to advertise a new model. You can place non-helium balloons on cars in your lot, and add more elaborate displays for cars you want to emphasize.

Apartment Complex Ideas

Managing an apartment complex is no easy task. Adding balloons might not make your job easier, but it can liven up your environment. If you're looking to attract new residents, you might add balloons to the leasing signs right outside the complex with one of Balloon Innovations’ sign balloon kits, and have these non-helium balloons custom printed with your property’s logo. These balloons are also great for marking customer parking spots.

Another option that’s great for apartment complexes are balloon bouquets within residential buildings and the clubhouse. These make an excellent gesture for welcoming new residents. Moving into a new building can be stressful, so adding a few fun, decorative touches can maximize your tenants' experience!

Because these displays are long-lasting, they are a good option for any budget. The decorations that you create today will attract clients for months, if not years, to come. In difficult times, it is especially important to add a bit of creativity to your organization. Balloons might seem like a simple addition, but that's precisely the point. Balloons bring people together. It might seem like a basic design, but creative investment is a crucial step on any marketing journey.

Family-Friendly Balloon Pioneers

Whatever your professional goals, helium-free balloons can help. These versatile balloons can lighten up any space and can help you foster a connection with existing clients. Balloon decorations can also help you attract new customers.

At Balloon Innovations, our focus is on outstanding customer service and providing the best products to help you put your business on the map. We believe that anything is possible in the balloon business, and our reusable helium-free balloons are the perfect building blocks for your imagination. If you're seeking exciting balloon options, sign up now for 10% off your next purchase. We look forward to working with you to help you take advantage of the best advertising value out there!

Frequently Asked Questions About Helium-Free Balloons

What is a good alternative to helium balloons?
Balloons like the reusable plastic balloons supplied by Balloon Innovations do not use helium but instead use compressed air, similar to a bike tire or an inner tube. These balloons last longer than helium balloons and can be reused!

How do you inflate a helium-free balloon?
Helium-free balloons are typically inflated with a needle-type inflation tip like you would use for a basketball, or a cone-shaped attachment to a menial or electric pump. A compressor makes for fast and effortless inflation with the proper tip. An easy solution is also to use a basic bike pump.

How long do helium-free balloons last?
While balloons that are filled with helium can only last hours until they start to deflate, reusable helium-free balloons can last for months.