When, Where, and Why To Use Different Types of Balloons

When You Should Use Different Types of Balloons

Balloons can draw more attention to outdoor signage advertising an event, a store's grand opening, or a sale at a car dealership. However, you don't want to use ordinary helium-filled latex or mylar balloons. You want something that will last longer and stand up to inclement weather or a wide temperature range, and that will last more than just a few days. 

Whether they're reusable vinyl balloons for the indoors or balloon clusters you place outside, you want a display you'll get your money's worth from. Here's an overview of when you should use different types of balloons and not just go out and buy the standard, everyday party balloon pack. 

You Want to Draw Attention to an Apartment Complex

Property owners and leasing staff may run seasonal specials to attract new residents. While outdoor signs and banners can attract attention, these tactics may not be enough to stand out. Adding reusable balloon clusters can draw more attention to any outdoor signage. These balloon clusters can also add some flair to a complex's permanent signage that displays its official name and marks the entrance to the property. 

Traditional helium balloons can be attached to signage, but all it takes is a strong gust of wind, a storm, or someone looking to cause some mischief to ruin the display. And even with perfect weather, latex and mylar balloons only look good for two to three days. BalloonBobber® balloon clusters, which are similar to a beach ball, are a great economical choice because they perform well in warmer weather and can anchor to the ground as well as many other mounting options. This decreases the chances the balloons will fly away or become damaged by the wind. Furthermore, you can bring the balloon clusters back indoors each evening if needed.

This can help protect the signage and balloons from vandalism and let property managers reuse the balloon clusters and displays only when there's a leasing special or event. Leasing and property managers will save money because they can reuse the balloon cluster kits and not have to replace missing or popped balloons halfway through an event. Besides, you'll also have the option of choosing balloons that can last outdoors for over six months. This increases the use and longevity you'll get out of a single reusable balloon display.

You're a Realtor Who Hosts Multiple Open Houses

Reusable vinyl balloons work well for real estate agents. There are balloon cluster kits with open house signage that can be easily attached so they can be placed along a property's entrance or walkway. The colorful reusable balloons help attract people's attention and let them know they're headed in the right direction. Balloon cluster displays enhance a home's curb appeal.

If you want hard-to-pop balloons, you'll find them in a DuraBalloon® outdoor balloon cluster kit that you can mount to nearly any surface. For instance, you might want a balloon cluster attached near or on a storefront's window. You could also use balloon clusters to accent landscaping and shrubbery along a walking path. These kits are simple to attach and remove so agents can assemble them before an open house or showing. Then, the agent can remove them within seconds, load the reusable balloon kits into a car, and take them to the next property.

Since these balloons last so long, agents won't have to constantly go to the store every time there's an open house. Plus, they won't have to use their time or an assistant's hours to blow up balloons and assemble displays over and over.

You're Hosting a Grand Opening for a New Location

Opening a new location can be an exciting opportunity to build your brand. It's also a chance to advertise your products and services and let people know how your company benefits the community. Indoor reusable balloons and outdoor balloon cluster kits help you decorate for grand opening events and liven up the atmosphere. The beauty of these reusable balloons is that you won’t need to take them down after just two days. They will last throughout the entire grand opening event and then some. 

They're more cost-effective and you don't have to think about what to use for decorations. Plus, you can have the balloon displays in your branded colors and color schemes to help maintain a consistent image. No more saggy balloon displays that end up tarnishing your business or brand appearance. 

PermaShine® indoor reusable balloons come in tall towers that can accent parts of a retail store's space. You can also get balloon bouquets that sit on table tops to highlight merchandise. Consider using balloon bouquets as centerpieces if you're hosting a dinner or lunch as part of the grand opening event. Besides bouquets, indoor reusable balloons come as ceiling columns to draw attention to certain area of the event.

 You Want to Incorporate Balloons Into Your Decor

Reusable vinyl balloons can become a permanent part of your location's decor or indoor appearance. For example, ceiling balloons are possible with hanging balloon kits. The balloons can come in different many colors and layers. Your store can hang up four-layer balloon kits that draw foot traffic toward specific products or areas that contain your company's top sellers. For consistency, you can stick with two colors that represent your brand, or go as colorful as you like!

Hanging balloon kits are decorations companies use for recognition ceremonies or employee events. The great thing about using sturdy, permanent balloons is that an organization does not have to continually remove and install the displays. These kits are meant to last for months if not years. 

You Host Many Events or Celebrations at Your Home

People who host birthday celebrations, baby showers, and holiday parties at their homes quite often may want outdoor signs with balloons. These yard signs can be more subtle or make a huge statement. For instance, some people celebrate their children's high school graduations with large yard signs and balloon clusters. Parents with more than one child probably wouldn't mind reusing the balloons and saving on some of their celebration costs.  

Say you're hosting a baby shower for one of your family members or friends. You could purchase a balloon cluster kit with pole cover that announces the new baby. The signs, kits, and balloons are reusable and stand up to the elements. You can reuse the entire display with the next party or pass the decorations down to other friends or family members.

Balloon cluster kits work for birthdays or holiday parties since you can mix and match exterior designs and balloon colors. For Christmas, add the red and green balloons for a festive touch. And when it's time for one of the kiddo's birthdays, add in more of a color assortment and change the pole cover design to match the theme and party favors.  

You Prefer to Attach Balloons to Windows

Permanent outdoor reusable balloons are available as suction cup kits. These kits attach directly to a location's windows. Most of the time, the balloons are attached to the outside of the windows. The balloons attract the attention of those walking by. Suction cup kits ensure people can locate an actual store or product quickly. You can also attach the balloons to the inside of the window since the suction cup kit attached directly to the glass without needing any additional ground mounting.

Suction cup kits come with three balloons or a single balloon. One of the advantages of choosing kits that allow up to three balloons includes color diversity. However, single balloon kits can simplify the look if needed.

Summary of the Reasons to Use Permanent Balloon Kits and Decorations

The best balloons do the job they're supposed to and are cost-effective. Individuals and businesses can use reusable indoor and outdoor balloon kits to attract attention, celebrate an occasion, or mark locations for visitors. Permanent balloons stand up to harsh conditions and are decorations that you can frequently repurpose. They are all customizable for different brands, color schemes, and events. Helium balloons do have their place, like for very short-term events or celebrations, but for something that will last longer and look better in the long-term, reusable air-filled balloons are absolutely the way to go.