Revolutionize the way you decorate with indoor reusable balloons!

PermaShine balloon bouquets in store. White and blue indoor reusable balloons.


You've probably spent countless hours and dollars on single-use balloons. But there's no reason to compromise your decorating style just because you are tired of running back and forth to the party store. With indoor reusable balloon bouquets from Balloon Innovations, you can get the same (or better!) effects for less money in the long run and with less time wasted!


How long do indoor reusable balloons last?

You may be wondering how long your PermaShine® indoor reusable balloons will last. The answer is, 25x longer than their latex or mylar competitors! In fact, you can reuse your indoor indoor reusable balloon bouquet for multiple months or even years! Without needing to rely on helium, PermaShine® indoor reusable balloons stay shiny and inflated without shriveling up so your customers will have something beautiful, fun, and festive to look at for months!

 Deflated, saggy latex balloons vs inflated PermaShine indoor reusable balloons - multiple colors

How do indoor reusable balloons work?

Engineered with a patented indoor reusable plastic, PermaShine® helium-free indoor reusable balloons are filled with air, securely sealed, and mounted to fiberglass stems! indoor reusable balloons are a great way to add a festive atmosphere without the hassle of constantly buying and disposing of helium-filled single-use balloons. They can be used for all kinds of occasions, from birthdays and weddings to anniversaries and corporate events. The best part about them is that they're indoor reusable! - So there's no need for constant replacements like with traditional balloons!


How do you change indoor reusable balloon colors?

Because PermaShine® indoor reusable balloon bouquet’s are mounted on durable and long-lasting stems and bases, you can purchase new colors as replacement balloon colors whenever you like without needing new hardware. Simply deflate and remove the existing balloons from the stems, store them for when you’d like to go back to the previous color theme, inflate and attach the new indoor reusable balloon colors to your existing hardware, and you’re all set. Changing your colors from branded colors to holiday themes and back shouldn’t mean you have to buy all new balloons each time. With PermaShine® indoor reusable balloons, it’s a one-time purchase for each color theme and you’ll have them for months, or years to come.


How are indoor reusable balloons inflated?

Instead of needing helium, or having to blow these balloons up with your mouth (gasp again), PermaShine® indoor reusable balloons are inflated with an air pump or inflator and a needle-style inflation tip (think basketball.) That means no mouth breathing or knot tying (sore fingers anyone?) required. For PermaShine® Bouquet’s, the indoor reusable balloons sit inside an “Upper Cup” which is a durable, clear plastic cup that supports the balloon and has an inflation valve in the bottom so you can easily inflate or deflate the balloon as needed.


Reduce, reuse, redecorate!

Single-use latex and mylar balloons end up a saggy unprofessional mess, looking cheap and tarnishing your brands’ aesthetic. Such short lived products need constant replacing, requiring you to clean up unsightly latex messes, and make trip after trip to the party store. PermaShine® indoor reusable balloons are built to last, looking shiny and beautiful for months or even years. Easily swap colors and seasonal themes with your existing hardware, and let PermaShine® be the last balloon kit you buy! Represent yourself in a clean and professional way, while also having the peace of mind and trust that your balloon bouquets will always look perfect. Join the reuse revolution and always look your best with Balloon Innovations’ PermaShine® indoor reusable balloons!