Make Your Event a Huge Success With The 14-Balloon Tree Kit

Balloon Innovations' 14-Balloon Tree Kit is a MUST-HAVE for anyone trying to make a BIG impression. Just think of how many people will see this spectacular Balloon Tree! This stunning Balloon Tree stands over 7.5ft tall with 14 long-lasting shiny balloons, that is built to last for countless reuses. These beautiful yet affordable balloon kits can be used for parties, birthdays, grand openings or even as trade show booth displays. As one of the most spectacular Balloon Tree kits on the market today, it’s hard to go wrong with the 14-Balloon Tree Kit!

No tanks or disposal of helium is required! - Helium free!

Remember all the things you had to do and buy or rent, just to use helium balloons? There is no helium required for the Balloon Tree Kit. No helium tanks to return. No balloons that float around for a few days and then shrivel up and sink to the ground, no mess to clean up! All you need is an air pump or compressor with a needle-style tip (like for standard sports balls) and you’re all set to inflate this Balloon Tree that will stand strong for months, or even years! Stop wasting your valuable time, and find out how reusable balloons make your life easier!

Longest Lasting Balloons on the Market - and they look great in photos!

PermaShine® Balloons are built to last for months outside, or even years indoors! Stop wasting time cleaning up messy latex balloon messes that only last a day or two. Replace your deflated displays with the most durable and reusable balloons on the planet! Rest assured your low maintenance displays will stand strong and proud, so you can get back doing what you do best, and not worrying about low quality single-use party store balloons.

Get creative!

We can’t wait to see what you create with the Balloon Tree Kit! There are so many creative ways to use these Balloon Tree Kits, so make sure to post your pics and tag us at #ballooninnovations or send them to us at