A Buyer’s Guide to Advertising Balloons

If you want to bring a splash of color that draws the attention of potential customers to your business, then you may benefit from the use of advertising inflatables. There are many different methods of advertising available today: social media posts, flyers, website popups, and more. However, none are more traditional or fun than the use of balloons in decorating.

There’s something about these colorful displays that can make businesses more noticeable, inviting, and appealing to customers and employees. The whole atmosphere can be changed to one of festivity through the bright colors and wondrous arrangements. Plastic advertising balloons have many customization choices available and are long-lasting, which makes them a great choice for business owners wanting to draw customers to their business.

Because these balloons are so long-lasting, they can cut down on advertising costs because they are a more affordable option than other advertising methods and products. With plastic balloons, you get more value for your money and can save time and reduce hassle.

All of the display setups and custom balloon options that anyone could hope for can all conveniently be found in one place at Balloon Innovations. Keep reading to find out how these displays can help take your business to the next level!

Curious about advertising balloons on a stick? We’ve got you covered.

The classic “balloon on a stick” can usually be found bordering the lot at many car dealerships and other businesses with inventory that is kept outside. When rows of colorful balloons can be seen outlining the lot from the road, drivers are much more aware that there is something exciting happening there. These balloon kits are extremely durable compared to helium balloons, so they don't have to be changed out for months, unlike helium balloons that only last a few days. Balloons on a stick are a great choice for simplified decorating.

Rather than having flimsy strings, balloons on a stick are attached to the ground by a strong fiberglass stem. They won't be destroyed by the wind like a traditional helium balloon and don't need to be constantly replaced. The stem keeps balloons perfectly spaced and in formation. The look of plastic balloons on a stick is much neater than helium balloons and will last much longer. That’s because these balloons are weather-resistant and built to last in both indoor and outdoor conditions.

Balloon Innovations sells kits for both single-stem balloons and fiberglass stems that branch into multiple balloons. Both of these options will keep your balloons held high for a well-rounded display.

Advertising Balloon Ideas

With the selection of balloons offered by Balloon Innovations, you can get creative with your advertising displays and make the most out of your marketing budget. The goal is to design a unique and fun display that will draw the attention of every customer. These balloons are guaranteed to express your creative vision. Our helium-free advertising balloons stay bright, shiny, and don’t leak even when displayed outside. Use them for a display that will last for months! Here are some of the ways that inflatables can be used to make you stand out from the rest:

Outdoor Balloons for Advertising

There are a variety of creative outdoor advertising balloon kits at Balloon Innovations. Each one perfectly fulfills their purpose of showing off your business and expresses cheerfulness to the public.

Ground pole kits are single balloons on a stick that stake into the ground, staying firmly in place. For something larger, the cluster pole kit features a group of staggered balloons stemming from a single pole. If you like the shape of traditional helium balloons, but want something that's reusable and lasts longer, the PermaShine® bouquet kits are just that.

Outdoor balloons are great advertising choices for car windows, light poles, and even your fence post. All of these balloons are made from a durable plastic material that is resistant to sun, wind, and rain for a look that stays impressive.

Sign Balloons for Advertising

To send a clear marketing message that captures attention, try incorporating sign balloons into your advertising. The sign sends your message, while the balloons attract customers! Together they are the perfect duo for success.

Balloon Innovations has everything you need to create a customized sign and balloon display. Choose from types of signs, sign colors, and then add a custom message. All that’s left is to choose the balloons that will go with it. Some kits even allow you to add artwork and designs. It’s the perfect way to show off an upcoming event in a festive manner. In addition to Signicade® and yard signs, we also offer pre-printed flag kits that shouldn’t be overlooked. Make sure that the whole town knows what’s going on at your business with an enticing sign-and-balloon combo.

Dancing Balloon Advertising

Ever noticed those tall wacky inflatables that seem to be dancing in the wind? They are actually called AirDancers, and their crazy moves draw a lot of attention! Having an AirDancer in front of your business will interest many people and make them smile too.

air dancers

Balloon Innovations allows you to customize AirDancers to your preferences. You can choose from body colors, hair colors, heights, and add a message if desired. It’s also possible to add a logo and the inflation blower is included with the purchase. To capture all the eyes in the city, you can purchase an AirDancer that is up to an astounding 20 feet tall. AirDancers are a sure-fire way to make people notice your business.

Advertising Balloons for Car Dealerships

Balloon Innovations has car dealerships covered by providing all the balloon displays necessary for the front-line and showroom. Any car lot can be lit up with an array of balloons and banners starting with the light poles. Turn those boring metal posts into something worth looking at. Balloon Innovations can customize a banner display for you with the assistance of an outstanding graphic design team. You can also choose from hundreds of designs and add balloons for flair that can be spotted from the road.

Car window kits are also the perfect way to attract customers to your car dealership and showcase your attractive front-line of vehicles. They can be used to highlight the dealership’s space or bring out brand colors in decorating. There are just as many choices for the showroom. You can hang balloon clusters or seasonal print balloons from the ceiling. Additionally, there are custom printed balloon towers and balloon columns available. Any of these choices are sure to impress your guests and lift their spirits in the process.

Not only does Balloon Innovations provide the highest quality and largest selection of advertising balloons in the country, but they also have a dealership decor program that's offered to many cities throughout the United States. This special program takes the hassle out of decorating for car dealerships because their expert team does everything for you. The service includes set up, maintenance, replacements, and any seasonal color change. Balloon displays are both installed and maintained for you. With this monthly offering, the Balloon Innovations service team takes care of everything involving your car dealership marketing balloons.

Balloon Innovations is the Leading Advertising Balloon Manufacturer

As the leader among advertising balloon manufacturers, Balloon Innovations provides all of the options you could ever need for plastic balloon displays. Our balloons create lasting impressions for businesses looking to attract customers with eye-catching designs. These balloons are perfect for promoting businesses, spreading event awareness, and can really shine at dealerships. As a bonus, we offer a car dealership service that ensures the balloons are always perfect and up to date. No other advertising balloon company offers so many unique balloon displays to choose from. For more information, give us a call: 303-225-5666