Can you really use balloons in the winter?

Cold weather balloon with icicles - Gold DuraBalloon®

Decorating with balloons is a great way to add some fun and visibility to your home or business. But what happens when the weather turns cold? Will your balloons still look good outside when the thermometer drops? Or will they shrivel and succumb to the harsher conditions of the later months. A lot of people used to think that all balloons were created equal, but there’s actually a type of balloon designed to stand up to the winter months: DuraBalloons®.

 Latex and mylar balloons aren’t the answer… They shrivel up in low and fluctuating temperatures, making them unusable in the colder months.

Latex and mylar balloons are not designed for longevity, or use in the cold seasons. If you’ve ever seen a balloon that’s been out in the elements, you’ll see that it shrivels up and resembles an old dirty rubber glove. That’s because latex balloons can’t tolerate exposure to cold temperatures. These balloons are low quality, costly, and time consuming to constantly replace when they only last a couple days.

 How can you use balloons in the winter?

While latex and mylar balloons shrink and shrivel in low temperatures, DuraBalloons® are built to withstand the harshest weather conditions. These super durable air-filled plastic winter balloons will stay inflated for months at a time. The DuraBalloon® material is built to expand and contract and maintain its shape in fluctuating temperatures. Having balloon displays in the winter is now possible due to the innovative engineering by Balloon Innovations and their long-lasting balloon products.

 DuraBalloons®, the world’s strongest winter balloons, will stay inflated in the most extreme conditions.

DuraBalloons® can be used in temperatures as high as 160° and have been tested and found to be able to withstand conditions as low as minus 20 degrees Fahrenheit and still retain their shape without leaking. If some air pressure is lost to a vast temperature change, all that’s required is a quick and easy re-inflation to top it off. You can use a standard air inflation device. No helium required!

 Don’t let the cold weather freeze your outdoor fun and marketing.

DuraBalloons® can be used for outdoor winter balloon displays and will stand out even against frozen landscapes. These are the only winter balloons that can be used in the cold without needing to be replaced frequently. Not only will DuraBalloons® outlast the others, but they will also look better and have a lasting impression due to their size and shine which you just can’t get with latex and mylar balloons.