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Don't Wait To Inflate


 •   Includes 2 Nozzles to fit our most popular outdoor balloon lines and a user friendly       easy-flex extension hose.
 •   Features an ON/OFF toggle switch for hands-free operation.
 •   Compact, lightweight and easy to stow away when not in use.
 •   High volume / high velocity air flow at 25 Cubic Feet Per Minute! Also provides powerful       suction for deflating balloons fast!
 •   UL-listed 120-volt standard power, plugs into any common household wall outlet.

FastFlow Inflator


Availability: In stock

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This FastFlow High Performance Electric Inflator / Deflator makes small or large inflations a breeze. Designed to fill each large balloon in under 30 seconds, our pump will get the job done. 4 Universal Fittings ensure use on a wide array of products. Weighing only 2lbs, the FastFlow comes with carrying handle, 6ft power cord and 2ft twist-locking flexible hose for maneuverability. Manufacturer is ISO 9001:2008 Certified.